Colorado Reacting Flows, Electrochemistry and Surface Science

Colorado Reacting Flows, Electrochemistry and Surface Science

Research Overview

CORES: “CO Reacting-flows, Electrochemistry, and Surface-science.” Our research group focuses on clean energy and water systems, with an emphasis on electrochemistry and interfaces. Via fundamental insight into the chemical, thermodynamic, and fluid mechanical processes at material interfaces and in reacting flows, we can design technologies to improve quality of life for diverse populations and ease human impacts on critical ecosystems and habitats across the globe.

Our research combines fundamental experiments with multi-scale numerical simulations to identify microstructures, material chemistries, or control strategies for applications such as advanced lithium batteries, polymer electrolyte fuel cells, chemically reacting flows (chemical processing and combustion), and water filtration systems.

The figure below gives a general overview of our research philosophy, how the different activities in our group fit together, and the iterative nature of scientific discovery and engineering design. Fundamental discoveries made at the nano-scale can inform device design and control strategies. Meanwhile, evaluating material structure-property relationships at the device scale can provide insights to guide materials discovery and design.

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Group Members

Interactions between group members strengthen productivity and provide group members with new skills, perspectives, and connections. We use our group meetings to discuss individual research projects and to gain and practice skills to build the foundation for successful and fulfilling careers. These skills include communicating with diverse audiences (both within and outside of one’s particular field), how to organize and maintain datasets, and lifelong learning (how to keep up with literature and maintain a reference library). Because our research projects span a diverse array of applications and scientific fields, students in the group bring a diverse array of experiences and perspectives. This diversity provides enriching interactions that benefit group members during their time at Mines and throughout their careers.

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Research Products

The primary “output” from our work is a contribution to the body of knowledge which underpins advances in clean energy and water technologies. Openness is a core value of our group—to disseminate these insights for the greatest impact, we strive to make our research products as accessible as possible, and also attempt to provide the tools and information needed so that anyone interested can reproduce or extend our work.

In that spirit, our research output is shared in three main ways:

  • Peer-reviewed publications are summarized on the Publications page. Preprints are provided where possible.
  • Software and data analysis tools are uploaded on our GitHub repository.
  • Conference presentations are freely accessible on our FigShare profile.

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